Our Partners

  • Association France Liban
  • DRC Ministries of healthcare and social affairs
  • Footnesse club Multisports/France
  • Energy Assistance

Our Donors

  • Tourcoing Hospital (France)
  • Douai Hospital (France)
  • Maubeuge Hospital (France)
  • Claude Bernard Clinic in Metz (France)
  • Sainte-Marie Clinic in Cambrai (France)
  • Association France Liban (France)
  • Footnesse Club Multisports (France)
  • Guy LEROY biomedical analysis laboratory in Seclin (France)
  • SELARL Nordbiologie M. Duchateau in Ronchin (France)
  • La source college in Nogent-sur-Marne (France)
  • The Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne (Australia)
  • Radiologists Imaging Centre Claude Bernard CIMCB Metz (France)
  • The Cancer Institute Lorraine Alexis Vautrin Nancy (France)
  • The Office of Cardiology Doctors Semin-Busac-Kulik-Caputo (SELARL) Thionville