Our Projects

Several resolutions were adopted at the Extraordinary General Meeting held in Kinshasa, on 15 and 16 February 2008. These resolutions, which resulted in the KALUMBA FOUNDATION's project-programme of action for 2008-2011, included:


Creation and equipment of a Health center containing a Health center and a Maternity hospital of around thirty beds in the city of Samba (Maniema province). State of progress: The building has been completed and medical equipment has been set up. A 90 KVA generator has also been installed.

Medical and paramedical staff are being hired.

Outstanding issues: To date, there are three issues that remain to be resolved: The supply of drinking water, ongoing payment of operating expenses on humanitarian lines (cost of care kept to a minimum) and extra power to back up the generator. The Samba Hospital is due to be inaugurated in: February-MARCH 2013.

Surplus medical equipment will go to the setup of other healthcare centres in other DRC provinces.

Women, Children and Families.

Creation of two centres to teach dressmaking, in South Kivu and Province Orientale.

New Information Technology

- Creation of three computer centres in three provinces, including the city-province of Kinshasa, to offer people an introduction to computers and the Internet.


Construction of a sports complex including a football pitch, a volley-ball pitch, a basketball pitch, a tennis court and a running track in KASONGO in MANIEMA province.

Organisation of sports competitions in KASONGO.


Training and assistance for farmers in modern farming techniques

Setup of a trial field near a major DRC city.


    «The main priority of the education commission remains the fight against illiteracy by promoting academic success of the greatest number of children in DR Congo, access to quality education and the support provided by the school sponsoring .»

    I :Books collection program and textbooks and Book Campaign

  • Collecting books from:
    • John XXIII Elementary School in Metz
    • Elementary School De Lasalle in Metz
    • Elementary School Saint Eucaire in Metz
    • Many supporters of Metz and Lille
  • This collection has reclaimed several textbooks primary level mainly for French materials, math, geography, history, technology and civic education / religion. Most books were sent and distributed to schools and Samba in Kasongo (Maniema R.D.Congo)

  • The various tasks performed enable a self-assessment of actions taken in the distribution of textbooks and their use. Evaluation necessary in guiding draft prospects for the coming years of the committee:

  • Teachers and students have large dictionary needs and local school pounds (Congolese curriculum)
  • Procurement actions textbooks were conducted with Samba schools (Mulongoy, Lusuna, Mwenge) and Kasongo (Kabondo). A reading promotion campaign was conducted during the mission in October 2015 Mulongoy the school with the assistance of teachers and 5th primary school students.
  • II :Solidarity to School
    This program has two components:

  • Collecting books from:
    • The solidarity gathering school supplies for the benefit of needy children affected by armed conflict in DR Congo
    • School Sponsorship
  • The Fondaka through its Education Committee and its projects, his intention to support the Congolese education sector, working in partnership with families, the local community, the Congolese state, the existing education system. The pursued main and initial objective is to enable the sponsored children to continue their education. This project aims to increase school performance by reducing school dropout. For this first promotion 2015-2016, 322 referrals were enrolled for a total budget of 15,456 euro.
  • The 322 referrals are from 3 targeted schools:
    • 139 to Mulongoy school and 62 at the school Lusuna (Samba)
    • 121 to the school Kabondo (Kasongo)
    • The project supported the tuition and the purchase of a school packages for each of the 322 referrals.
    • sponsorship page

    III :Prospects and Projects for 2015-2018

  • Continuation of ongoing projects
  • Continuation of the rehabilitation program of the schools in Maniema and Kinshasa after identifying priority schools and budget planning subject to funding
  • Construction and equipping of a medical library in Kindu.
    Photos of a school affected by heavy rain during our stay at Samba in October 2015 (current funding research)