Seversal million children around the world can have access to education for lack of financial means. In DR Congo, the many school children are left to themselves, and become ideal targets for juvenile delinquency and preferred bait for "enrollment" by armed militias.

Accept to become godfather / godmother through Fondaka France is integrating a large family of loving people solidarity and fraternity are supporting and protecting fundamental rights of the child, ie,unconditional access to schooling .

The project finance for each referral:

-The school fees

-The registration fee to the national examination of primary school called TENAFEP

-common purchase a school parcel

Despite the increase in the enrollment of children in DR Congo (59% in 1997 to 75% in 2010), basic education remains a challenge. Today, a Congolese 4 children not going to school and only half of the children going to school will complete his sixth primary. In some areas or in rural areas, the situation is even worse. The Congolese primary education system is still too inaccessible.

Your sponsorship donations are intended only to sponsored children.
The sponsorship period is free!

Your contribution to tuition can be done in two ways, perfect your convenience, including:

- Annual: 48 euros / year
- Monthly (3 months max.): 16 euros / month